Evelien Jonkers is Life trainer and provides workshops to organizations. All workshops will focus on efficiency, effectiveness and most important of all: how to work ánd live with more energy. In addition she provides a workshop specifically designed for managers about the do’s and don’ts during the long term recovery of employees with a severe illness or injury. 

>> Energy management “Charged or burned out / Doing more with less energy”

Due to a too high workload, reorganizations or a personal setback it can happen that your employees have less energy. During this workshop Evelien will provide useful tools how to do more with less energy, without draining yourself. In addition she will work with energy providers, energy drainers and an energy planning. Participants will learn how to manage their energy differently and how to recharge their energy.

>> Do’s & don’ts during long term sick leave: how to contribute as a manager to the recovery of your employee

It’s hard for everyone to hear when someone in your close surrounding has a severe illness or injury. How to deal with it when you are a manager? There is much more than just following HR procedures, it might affect your emotions and behavior as well as from your team. In addition there are many different ways how you can support your employee. Evelien will challenge you with dilemmas, have a constructive dialogue about it and will open your eyes with examples of things that were indeed contributing to recovery ór that actually achieved the opposite effect.

>> Teambuilding “What is energizing me?” 

Due to mainly hectic days you often forget to realize what gives you energy. It can be anything: certain activities, words, food, your favorite outfit, the beach, etc. During this team building session you will become aware of what you need to work and live with more energy. Within your team you can share what you need during your work to be energized.

>> Time management “Where did the time go?”

Workshop for everyone who always have the feeling you don’t have enough time and that you don’t do the things you would like to do. Become aware of time robbers and discover how to reduce them. Learn how to deal with your time differently, so you will be able to do the things that are important to you.

>> “What do I really want?” Moodboard workshop 

Moodboards will provide insights: where are you know and where would you like to be? This insight is the first step to change. You’ll make a concrete plan with the first steps of what you need in order to create a change.


Please contact Evelien Jonkers if you would like to book a workshop or if you would like to receive more information.