Motivational speaker

How to work ánd live with more energy: Evelien Jonkers loves to speak about this during your event. Whether it is about truly living more energized, sustainable availability of your employees or about your diversity&inclusion policy: as a speaker Evelien will provide surprising insights during your conferenece or panel discussion. In addition Evelien will add value to your strategic topics regarding reduction of absenteeism, your support for employees with impairments and how managers ánd employees can contribute to this.

>> TEDx speaker

The strength of Evelien is that she makes complex cases understandable while making a real connection with your audience. On May 2nd 2018 Evelien provided a TEDx talk during TEDx TwenteU, where she presented her view on managing your energy in the best possible way. A video is available on the homepage or you can go to Youtube.

>> Inspirational topics

As motivational speaker Evelien Jonkers can touch any topic regarding dedication, commitment and reaching your goals. Some examples:

  • How do you manage your energy? Your body is like a pack of yoghurt, not like a battery
  • Recovery and personal development during reintegration: will you climb the golden mountain or will you only keep looking at it?
  • Dealing with reorganisations and other changes: how does change work and why do you sometimes experience a relapse?
  • Even with the strongest wind against you, the sun can still shine: what are your sunbeams during a setback and how to create them?

>> Surprise your audience with a motivational speech

A motivational speech will give you something to think about or act upon. Evelien will use catching metaphores, will ask encouraging questions and will provide examples of her own life that will touch and motivate you. Relevant for your conference, event or training at your company, as well as for a group of patients. In addition it can be an eye opener for nurses, doctors, managers, company doctors and case managers: everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in prevention or reduction of absenteeism, (recovery from) a burn out, illness or other setbacks in life.

If you would like to have Evelien as a speaker for your event, please contact her now.