About Evelien Jonkers

“Even with the strongest wind against you, the sun can still shine”. This quote is the motto of Evelien Jonkers. Some people would say that recovering from severe illness or injury is like performing on the level of a professional athlete. In that case Evelien is an all-round athlete. Despite brain damage when she was 28 and breast cancer when she was 30, she continuously keeps thinking in possibilities, stays positive and shows persistency and commitment. Due to her setbacks in life and in the mean while still living life to the fullest, she is an inspiration for many people. Evelien loves to speak at your event to surprise you and your adience, to motivate you and to add value to your event. In addition she provides workshops regarding Energy Management: how to live and work with more energy. She would like to contribute to your diversity governance, your support for employees with an impairment and sustainable availability of your employees. Evelien connects, surprises and will change you and your organisation.

TEDx talk Evelien Jonkers, May 2nd 2018

Evelien is an expert in Energy Management: how to work ánd live with more energy without draining yourself. On May 2nd 2018 she performed at the TEDx TwenteU event where her TEDx talk was all about Energy Management. During her talk, Evelien built a bridge between you, a pack of yoghurt and how to manage your energy. You can use this knowledge either to prevent a burn out or to recover from severe illness or injury in the best possible way.

Contact Evelien Jonkers

If you would like to invite Evelien Jonkers as Life trainer to provide a workshop or as motivational speaker for your event, please contact her via e-mail: evelienjonkers@gmail.com or by phone: +31 (0)6 1644 2707.